We are Dancers


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Written and directed by Joe Morris
Produced by Luz Alejandra Llano
Cinematography by Kat Hynes Cecil
Production Design by Kian Altmann

We are Dancers is a period drama set in 1933 Berlin about Hansi Sturm, an anti-Nazi cabaret drag-artist, and his friends the day after the Reichstag fire. Hansi must decide whether to abandon his club or stay to face the Nazis his former lover has told him will come there to seek revenge. This is a story about defiance and resistance at a point in queer history not often talked about.


Hans Piesbergen
Simon Eckert
William Hearle
Martin Hamann
Laurean Wagner
Catalin Jugravu
Max Henhappel
Zhenja Isaaks
Nika von Arning

The real Hansi Sturm